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The innovative, complete, powerful, flexible and evolutive Payroll Engine

  • 100% Open Source
  • No license fees
  • Simple and powerful formulas editor
  • Able to manage right now French and Luxembourgish legal requirements
  • Optional watch for regulatory and legal watch updates
  • International and dynamic community
  • Multi-company and cross-industry
  • Numerous HR & Time Management modules available

How it works


OpenPAYROLL is just simple and efficient:
A strategic asset for your HR Department !

As a development based on Open Innovation, OpenPAYROLL is based on a deep analysis of complex HR and Payroll requirements in public and private organizations. In a few words, OpenPAYROLL is:

  • Deeply customizable in order to comply to strict legal requirements (we managed integration of French Payroll, which is probably one of the most complex in the world).
  • Our flexible dictionnary of parameters allows to configure all Payroll complexities.
  • Innovative and intuitive approach based on hierachies customizing, allowing Payroll Administrator to customize any policy change. For complex ones SUDOKEYS insures support services.
  • As using the OpenERP framework, OpenPayroll allows easy enhancements without boundaries.
  • Embedded reporting engine managing complex reports/interface towards internal stakeholders and third-parties.
  • No licence fees.
  • As an extension of OpenERP, OpenPAYROLL can provide a lot of other applications (HRIS, CRM, accounting, sales, procurement, stock and warehouse, project management,...).


OpenPAYROLL is an OPEN INNOVATION project co-funded by SUDOKEYS, Aquitaine and Picardie local councils.